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A proprietary personal financial management course offered by Professional Portfolio LLC.  

FRE$H START© is a customized training program designed to motivate students to bring about positive changes in their personal financial lives by teaching effective ways to replace poor money habits with good money habits. FRE$H START© educates and empowers students as consumers and debtors to become responsible and take charge of their own personal finances.


 The main goals of this course are to help you find ways to: 


  • Understand & Modify Money Behavior

  • Manage Your Money Effectively

  • Wisely &Prudently Use Credit

  • Achieve Personal Financial Goals

  • Develop & Adhere to a Household or Personal Budget

  • Cope with Unexpected Financial Occurrences and Crisis

  • Identify Consumer Information, Resources & Protection Laws

  • Get in Control of Your Finances

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Professional Portfolio LLC (PPLLC) is approved to issue certificates evidencing completion of a personal financial management instructional course in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code. Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of a provider's services.


Completion of this type of course is a post-petition requirement  (e.g., taken after you file bankruptcy) which must be met before a debtor can receive a successful discharge from a personal  bankruptcy plan. There is NO TEST required for students to earn a certificate from our in person course; just simply complete our 2-hour program and PPLLC will issue your Certificate of  Completion and file it with the court electronically within 72 hours. A Certificate of Completion can only be issued after a debtor student has completed the course. You only have to complete one post-petition debtor education program. 


We instruct debtors in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7.


"I really enjoyed the class.  A real eye-opener.  Ms. Mouton was very motivational and encouraging."

C. Andrews


"Best budgeting course I ever took.  I know these simple, practical tips will help me in the future." 

T. Havanna, Sr.

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